Semnează pentru o Justitie restaurativa!

Sign up for Restorative Justice!

To:  European Commission and Parliament

What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative Justice has been described as a 21st century alternative response to the challenge of crime in a free society. Through engagement with those affected by crime, restorative justice aims to make amends for the harm that has been caused to victims and communities and facilitates offender rehabilitation and integration into society.

Why sign this petition?
Progress has been made in making restorative justice services more widespread across Europe but there is so much more to do. In order to substantially increase the availability of restorative justice services in Europe, the European Forum for Restorative Justice invites you to add your name to our petition and
In signing this petition, you are urging the European Commission and the members of the European Parliament to undertake legislative and other initiatives to support a broader implementation of restorative justice in the member states and to provide the European Forum for Restorative Justice with the necessary resources to strengthen this development in Europe.

What is the European Forum for Restorative Justice?
The European Forum for Restorative Justice is the only organisation that, as its general aim, strives to promote restorative justice Europe-wide. It is working in all EU Member States for an effective implementation of restorative justice practices such as victim offender mediation and conferencing. In order to realise this, the Forum collaborates closely with important target groups such as public prosecutors, judges, governmental bodies, researchers and practitioners.

What happens next?
The petition closes on 31 August 2010 and will be presented to representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament in early September 2010. Further updates will be available on the Forum’s website:

Thanks for your support
European Forum for Restorative Justice


The Undersigned

Una din rezoluțiile Școlii de Vară de la Sâmbăta de Sus a fost și aceea potrivit cu care mediatorii prezenți doresc susținerea acestei petiții prin care să susținem și să promovăm un alt tip de Justiție: JUSTITIA RESTAURATIVA.

Va invitam, stimati vizitatori ai blogului,

sa sustineti si dumneavoastra aceasta petitie!

O puteti face accesând link-ul următor:

Despre Justitia restaurativa, mai puteti accesa:  Mediere si justitie restaurativă.

P.S. Eu am semnat deja, public, aici, la 900: O puteti face si dumneavoastra.

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